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2015 Subaru WRX Premium (AWD) Review

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This car is a fantastic value for money performance car. After owning for 12 months this car has never given me any problems. And the quality of the car has proven itself, with no obvious wear or tear.

Servicing is not as cheap as some of the other fixed price servicing programs, however it isn't as expensive as the German counterparts. 6 month servicing seems a bit unnecessary . The alarm system is extremely sensitive which is good, however can be embarrassing if you set it off in public (which is easily done).

For such a powerful and performance based car, the fuel economy is incredible. On average i get 8.2 litres to the 100, which I find fantastic given the driving that I do. The updated 2016 model is only $500 RRP extra over the 2015, and gives you quite a lot more value for money, I was impressed with the original package however the new one is even more value added.
When looking to purchase this vehicle I did consider other vehicles in a similar price range however the Subaru was the leader for me. The STI is also a nice option, however I did prefer the WRX Premium as it is much more pleasing for day to usage based on its suspension set up and more comforting seats( and the cheaper price tag$$$)

All in all, I would not even hesitate to recommend this car to anyone, manual I believe is the only way to go for a car like this, however the dealer did mention that he does sell a lot of the auto variants.