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2015 Skoda Octavia Scout 132 TSI Premium (4x4) Review
  • Drivability, Technology, Space and comfort, Low Fuel consumption
  • No mud flaps, No blind spot mirror light in wing mirrors.

by Martin Gallagher

Purchased my Scout in October 2015 and have done 15 000 k’s up until end of August 2016. Outstanding fuel economy gained on  my trip to Adelaide from Central Coast(14.2 kms/litre) sticking on no more than 5 kms over the designated speed limit when on the open road.

Technology is superb and keeps you busy the whole time. Bought the tech pack which provided a magnificent sound system and large(8″) sat.nav system. Boot space is outstanding, more so when the back seats are lowered.

Stop/start takes a bit of getting used to. People that complain about it are impatient and probably lead footers. Safety features are very impressive.  Love the idea of an 11gb hard drive to store your favourite music plus a DVD player situated in the air conditioned glovebox. Phone connectivity is a real stand out as is the easy to handle contact lists that come straight off your phone.

The front assist system also deserves a mention. A pity other drivers don’t learn to stay well back from the car in front. Tailgating is a disease on the Central Coast.

A Relative of mine who has owned Subaru’s and Holden’s all his life even bought a Scout!!

I wasn’t interested in an Subaru Outback, the salesmen were a big turnoff. They should offer a full sized spare wheel not a steel rim 16″. And please can we have some mud flaps in the next model or even have some available to be retro fitted.

The 15,00km service was satisfactory, perhaps a little expensive. It has plenty of power when needed and gear changes is really smooth.

This car satisfied all my requirements of a comfortable, easy to drive modern day motor car. I am extremely happy with my car.

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2015 Skoda Octavia Scout 132 TSI Premium (4x4) Review Review
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