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2015 Renault Megane GT-line Review

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I have had this car for 1 year now and have found it a pleasure to drive. It is the first car in a long time that i want to drive as its responsive engine and superb handling make it a joy to take through some windy hills or even just negotiating suburban streets. The only negative i can find is lack of rear leg room but since it is children going in there it isn't an issue. Front seats are superb and boot space is ample.

The features available on a car at this price are surprising. Auto headlights and wipers, keyless entry and start, etc. everything is easily to hand and easy to understand once you are used to the layout. Having to only service it once a year or every 15,000km is superb. Despite the motor only being a 1.2L turbo it delivers ample power to rocket away when necessary. But seriously if you want to appreciate what this car can do take it on some windy hilly roads.

The DCT handles demands well Dropping down when necessary without hesitation to maintain power delivery needed. And if you really want to have some fun put it in manual mode and use the sequential shifter!

Smooth and quick. The car also handles city commutes comfortably and with a minimum of fuss with power and acceleration quickly available as the max torque is at 2,000 rpm. The dual zone climate control A/C keeps the front and back of the cabin very comfortable and the sound quality of the 8 speaker stereo is exemplary. Combine that with the extremely comfortable front seats and a proper drivers position and you have an exceptionally comfortable ride.