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2015 Renault Captur Dynamique Review

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6 months in, still happy.

The quirky, French baby SUV still manages to put a smile of inner satisfaction in me.

Driving the Dynamique model of the range has been a pleasure - although there are a few quirks that tend to bug me.

Overall the comfort level of the Captur is exceptional. With the combination of comfort, functionality and ride engagement, this is a fun and smooth vehicle.

After viewing the competition and always finding a major dislike in most of the models, the Captur was the most balanced of the mini SUV range available for me.

The boot space is great compared to the competition. Without detracting from one outstanding competitor (Honda's HRV), the ability to drop the boot depth, split-fold seating and the option to have a flat space from the boot lid to the back of the driver's seat is fantastic.

The heated leather and height adjustability of the seats are unsurpassed in the category.

Automatic lights and wipers are handy and quiet running, which adds to the driver's comfort.

The media interface is user friendly.

Rear proximity alert and camera are standard along with a healthy list of other features.

Good warranty and servicing are above average.

Stylish, comfy and economical but...

However, some of the quirks may go to far.

The eco mode is something that you will not regularly use. When power is needed the eco mode can be a hindrance.

Infotainment and the rear camera lags on start especially with pre-inserted USB drive.

Substandard audio output and inconvenient USB placement is annoying.

Insufficient acceleration while in auto can be a challenge when at low speed. Manual gear shift is available but without paddles.

Angled seat adjustment is very difficult especially with a central console.

The ergonomic feel is fluent but surprisingly spacious and the surface of the interior is easy to keep clean.

Hill assist is a bonus along with other 5 star safety features.

Finish and build quality is above average in its class.

Quirky button placement and the lag issues aside, overall the small Renault SUV is pretty satisfying.

Let's see what the future holds...