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2015 Nissan Navara ST (4x2) Review

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I have now almost completed 10,000km in my new Nissan Navara ST Dual Cab 4 x 2 and absolutely love the choice I made. I had a budget of $40,000.00 and test drove all makes of 4 door Utes and got the choice down to the new Mitsubishi Triton and Nissan Navara. The Nissan Navara got me over the line in the end because I thought it was finished off better and a little more refined.

After 10,000km of driving of which I have done a lot of towing with my Tradesman Trailer, I can only really fault a few small things as follows.

1) When the car is warm and the fans are going to cool the car the noise inside the cabin is very loud. Nissan really need to work on this to keep the noise down as it is actually very loud. Once the fans switch of it is the quietest of cars and very good. Usually only does it in slower traffic and when the weather is warm.

2) The Central Locking/Alarm remote if in your pocket and you are close to the car can keep locking and unlocking the doors with the movement of your legs. The buttons on the remote are way to sensitive. I keep the keys out of my Pocket now when working around the car as every time I bend or raise my legs I was unlocking and locking the doors.

Also one other note and I would like Nissan or anyone else to Email me and let me know what they think. The petrol tank Specifications on the Ute say it is an 80Lt Fuel Tank. I am getting around 650km to 700km which I am finding good but the most fuel I can get into my tank is 68lt. I have run my tank almost completely dry and the most fuel I could get in was 68lt. There is no way there still was another 12lt in the tank. My fuel gauge went blank when it was showing 70km and I drove around another 60km after that and could only manage 68lt of fuel filling up.

Overall brilliant car to drive, love it the more I drive it, great if you are doing long drives as it is very comfortable to drive and very quiet on open highways, expect when the fans come on. You will be very happy with the choice of car. But could someone please let me know about the fuel tank as there is no way that is an 80lt tank.