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2015 Mitsubishi Outlander LS Review

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I purchased the Mitsi ZJ Outlander diesel 4wd LS about a month ago (Apr 2015) and couldn't be happier. We purchased it from Dandenong Mitsubishi in Victoria. I found the sales guy wasn't all that keen/ knowledgeable however the service from the dealership was fine.

I had seen pics of the new 2015 model and thought it was just ugly whereas this model while slightly bland has looks that are more enduring. I Don't like the 'jawline' though, this was my only gripe. Slimline lights both front and back were just elegant and I love the colour (Silver)! I need an occasional 7 seater, and didn't want CVT or petrol.

I've also been in the 2.4 petrol CVT Outlander and the transmission drone is unbearable. None of it's competitors offered that for the price ~$37, specially the 7 seat option ie CX5, CRV, RAV4. Why are manufacturers so short sighted? I drove a CRV, X-trail and I looked at the CX5 all looked like cars that could've taken 7 seats. A family with two kids when they have sleepovers with friends will need more seats for occasional use.

We've done a few long trips and with all seats full and luggage and no complaints from anyone. I highly recommend the car for anyone who's looking for a high riding wagon with all wheel drive.

Reviewer who have the car for a few hours or days will find things to gripe about but in reality the ownership experience is fine - Bluetooth, radio, sat nav etc once you get used to it comes naturally. So does the driving experience once you adjust to the (slightly) high riding suspension, cornering, cruising, freeway driving are actually quite pleasant.

Love that car!