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2015 Mazda 3 Sp25 Review

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Purchased in January I have just ticked over 10,000km so thought an appropriate time to provide my review.

Before buying the SP25 I was considering other cars in this segment such as the VW golf and the Hyundai i30SR. My criteria was made up by the following 5 factors:
1. ride and handling
2. engine and transmission combination
3. design
4. reliability
5. resale value

Compared to the other cars I considered I found the Mazda the best car in my criteria. It does have some cons but for a car at this price point I think Mazda have done a great job.

Little things that are annoying would be the infotainment system connect time when the car first starts up from being cold. It takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute for the phone and radio to connect properly. Other cars have owned connect instantly.

The engine is a bit loud from cold start. This is not a massive problem but worth mentioning. I know the new Subaru WRX is also very loud at cold start up. The iStop is a waste of time I always turn it off.

Probably the thing that annoys me most would be lack of low end torque. The engine is excellent after 3000rpm. I guess if I want a better engine throughout the rev range I need to looks at something worth more money.

Enough of the negatives- I am very happy with everything else and overall it is a great car for the money. The seat comfort is brilliant along with the ride and handling. The engine and transmission combination is very enjoyable and easy to use.

I know the reliability of the Mazda will be great and the resale value will very good.

Well done Mazda keep up the great work.