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2015 Kia Sportage Sli (AWD) Review

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Picked up our new 2014 Sportage Sli recently and for the money it ticks a lot of boxes, we looked at a lot of similar suv's but in the end it came down to the Sportage or the sister ix35, the Kia sold us on looks and just felt a bit roomier plus that huge 7 year warranty is a deal maker.

Driving's a breeze, Kia have done their homework with the engine and cvt transmission although with 5 adults on board and some luggage the 2.0 litre petrol could struggle a little? Go for the diesel if you need torque or plan on any kind of towing.

We're getting about 8.5-9.0 L/100 km (even less in eco mode) which is decent for it's porky 1600 kg weight. Some reviewer's say the steering feels a little vague at speed but it feels ok to me. The A pillar is a chunky, one of the biggest in its class but you get used to it, rear vision is a bit limited but the reverse camera more than makes up for that, the parking sensors also work a treat.

The infotainment/stereo/bluetooth/sat nav are functional with all the controls within thumbs reach on the rake and reach adjustable steering wheel. We've taken it off road for some light 4x4 duties and i was more than impressed, it's no land rover and the clearance isn't spectacular but it's good to know you can lock the diffs, actually go off road and handle a run up the beach or a trail, also good to know you got a full sized spare in the boot should you get a flat .

The updated 2014 Slovakian model seems well built with no issues or squeaks and rattles and i think everyone will agree Kia have come on leaps and bounds in the past few years.

Only tip is if you're in the market for one, pay that little bit extra for the Sli or better still the platnium, you'll be glad you did. I cant wait to see the new 2016 Sportage, if its anything like the new sorrento or carnival Kia will kick sales goals for sure.