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2015 Kia Pro_cee'd GT-tech Review

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When I was in the market for a sports Car I was also keeping in mind that I wanted something that was not just sporty and eye catching but also practical, economical, reliable and value for money. Just as I was enquiring about the Kia Ceed Gt tech My15 now with the Sat Nav also came along the new 7 year warranty. This particular vehicle I purchased was still sitting in the Port Adelaide Docks and I was the first to purchase the MY15 tech model with the Sat Nav in tack red in October last year.

I feel I can now make a more qualified review of this Vehicle. In short I have no regrets in purchasing this Sports model.

It does all I ever need it to do for me. The style of this Car is a real looker. I had people commenting on how sleek and sporty this Car looks. Of course it does not stop there. The Car performs very well in every aspect such as nice firm handling around tight bends and bumpy roads and yet not loosing the feel on enough softness in the suspension for a comfortable ride.

It basically caters for both worlds, the sport and the comfort side of it. Steering is direct and nicely controlled with the low profile Michelin Pilot tyres attached to attractive Mag Wheels. Fuel economy is exceptional and the power train perform well too. Considering this Car is nearing 1500kg in weight it proves remarkably quick through from a strong second gear upward.

Turbo lag is minimal but did on occasion hesitate when planting the foot down from first to second around a corner. Kia claims this Car going from 0 to 100 km in 7.7 seconds. I think it is an understatement. After a few thousand km I was able to push this Car from 0 to 100km at 6.5 seconds. Fast enough for me but still feel it could have just that little more Uuhmp.

The interior is sporty, fitted with so much of high tech appointments that I lost track of how much this car has been fitted out with so much, especially for the price tag. The Car is very roomy inside and caters well for back passengers including enough luggage room. The Car is fun to drive and has a nice luxury and sporty feel to it. It is also very practical in that I can convert the cargo bay to an equivalent of a Station Wagon being able to fit my 20 inch Bicycle in to it with no problem.

I love the comfortable Ricardo Seats. they do not feel too tight even for the ones who have a larger waist line. I do feel how ever that the seat does not go down far enough for me considering I am 6ft tall. It is only slightly high for me but not bothersome. The instrument panel look nice and all around find the quality of stitching and leather appointment of good quality.

The Sat Nav is a treat and all is integrated with Bluetooth, revers Camera, Radio and USB input. Then of course there is the nice Sunroof to mention just a few of so much that has been put in to this Car. Am I happy with this and would I recommend it?

Too right I am and I have no hesitation in recommending this Car to anyone unless of course you are a real Rev Head. I'd suggest you be looking for a high powered Porsche or Ferrari. In the mean time? All I can say is; Well done Kia for a Car designed by the renown German Car designer Peter Schreiver and build in Slovakia.

I wonder what they will come out with next?