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2015 Kia Pro_cee'd GT-tech Review

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I had done my thorough research on the Kia Ceed Gt Tech before purchasing this Car. That was in late October last year when the first MY 15 model arrived with the Satellite Navigation system.

All I can say that i love this Car. It handles superbly with more than adequate power along with loads of nice appointments. Sure there ar few little things but all Cars have those. I for one do not like the plastic feel of the running led day lights fittings and the thin plastic feel of the side mirrors.

Quality control was not the best either. One button did not work that operates the sunroof shade cloth, The Speedometer spewed out lines across its read out indicating a fault speedometer or computer glitch.

The inside corner of the door was pressing against the inner corner door frame penetrating through the paint leaving a small dot of metal exposed, at times the 3rd and 4rth gear needed a little extra force to engage it properly, first gear can be missed if not pushed over far enough because of the resistance the spring gives, rear door release button dropping out of the chassy. All minor things and to be attended to and most have been.

Other than that i have no issue in recommending this snassie looking performer. Want to bigger over split second performance then i suggest you buy a Porsche or Ferrari. With the engine having done 11,000 km already and having loosened up performing even better still. No worries with 0 to 100km in 6.5 seconds and NM going off the scale past 265.

Fuel economy is also very good as is rear passenger room. I class this Car as a great all rounder meeting All my needs and desires. Practical, sporty, stylish, economical, great power performance for a 1.6 liter Turbo, comfortable and fun to drive in Town and country.