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2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland (4x4) Review

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Purchased a MY15 Overland in Feb 2015. 3.0 Diesel (184kw/570nm) is outstanding in both Power and Fuel Economy, amazing engine considering there is no forced induction involved.

Air Suspension works a treat giving very good ground clearance (272mm - compare that to any 4wd you like) and low (193mm) when you want better handling, Reliability - 14k on the odometer (9 months) and not one issue yet, as you would hope. One unsuspected pro is it's turning circle, considering it's full time 4WD it is almost as good as my Polo GTi which is impressive, my old 08 Hilux would not have made the maneuvers on and off road that I can now.

Sound system is clear with great mid-low range mostly thanks to the Subwoofer in the boot and speakers everywhere, there's plenty of USB ports (2 for back seat passengers and 2 or 3 in front), an SD card slot, easy to use Bluetooth and entertainment unit. Has to be one of the best screens and systems around. I know from testing that it's much better than anything from Ford, Toyota and Volkswagen system anyway.

This was important to me as I love my tunes and connectivity. Summary; Reliability thus far is perfect, Great torquey Diesel engine and Fuel Economy, Great ZF transmission (1st gear too low perhaps), Great balance of on and off road capabilities, Great media/sound system. Great car - but it would want to be for $70k. You won't find a better balance of luxury, performance, ride and handling, off road capabilities and features in this price range, not for what I want in a car anyway.

Yeah you could spend similar on a Prado or less on a Fortuner, but go test both cars and you will see what I mean.