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2015 HSV Clubsport R8 LSA Review

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This year we purchased a 2015 Clubsport LSA for our small family and found it to be perfect for us. Comfortable and spacious enough for the kids and an absolute hoot to drive for dad.

Easy steering with the selectable modes on the electrically-assisted steering at the shops, head turning looks and jealous stares all around.

Service parts are cheap, carrying over air and oil filters from the LS3 range. I purchased a K&N panel filter which appears to help it breathe a bit better.

It's high enough to clear speed bumps with aplomb and not so stiff as to rupture a kidney over small bumps. Much improved over the SS or SV6 suspension which is a godsend for everybody.

High fuel use with an average of 18L/100km so far but capable of 10/12L-100km on the highway due to my heavy right foot and the addictive explosion of sound.

No spare tyre is a worry for country driving trips but all should be well as the roads aren't that bad if you know what you are looking at.

Strange service schedule at 15k/9 months. But that is trivial data when I service my own cars.

Infotainment system is a bit awkward and glitchy with awkward ergonomics but it's liveable.

Bang for your buck, they're slightly overpriced when this sort of power is available through aftermarket shops on an SS but with a family, I wanted the tougher components of the undercarriage to be reliable and not give me headaches.

I may end up changing the exhaust to a Manta system as they sound really nice. Handling is top notch with my only gripe being the terrible IRS squat and inside wear but that's a forgivable gripe with the improved spring rates and handling it affords.

Great car, 9 out of 10. Space, comfort, grunt and hey, it's the last of the Aussie built V8 sedans. Build number 199.