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2015 Honda Legend Review

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Here is the 2015 Honda Legend. Brought it with 16kms on the clock. This car was aimed at markets like Audi A6, BMW 5 Series, Merc E class, and even Lexus GS. In almost every category the legend falls short. but it's not all bad news. Out of every single car that I had driven, there is not one car that can match the Legends ride and handling. Not one. the rest may be faster and whatever, but this machine is at home in the bends.

With a 3.7L V6 good for 235kW, it take you to the 100kph mark in about 6.6 seconds. Which isn't bad for a heavy AWD sedan. The infotainment section of the car has hardly been changed since the first model went on sale in 2006. This is a big let down for the Honda, considering that it performs so well on the road.

In the city, it is stupidly quite....until you put your foot down. Not long after I had bought it I was at some lights, and I actually had do perform a few checks to see if the motor was still running. It was. it's also quite economical to with around 10L/100km you can get about 690+kms from a tank of petrol. not bad.
It also has a Harman/Kardon audio system that is absolutely flawless and delivers a awesome crisp and clear sound.

The seats and layout is very nice, and particularly in the front where you have 8-way power seats. Our Legend is in black with cream interior, so TBH...its very nice on the outside and inside.

Considering that it's worth 80K, you cant help but think about why Honda hasent changed the Interior. But you still get a lot of kit for that much money. Paddles, Turbocharged V6, Nappa cream leather seats...the works.

Overall it's a great car to drive, it's extremely smooth and refined, but it cant really match it's German and European mates. But its closer than you think. a lot closer.