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2015 Holden Cascada Launch Edition Review

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It was my dream to own a convertible so I looked around at the under 50k market. It was the best deal I found and I wasn't put off by it's bulk as it's a pretty good looking vehicle and had the power I craved.

However, despite it's turbo engine, it could never in all honesty, be described as nippy. It's a bit cumbersome and slow on small roundabouts and tight bends but to be honest I don't mind: I drive too fast and this vehicle just wants to cruise. Gear change is not as responsive as it should be in manual mode so you might as well not use it (I have an auto due to my 23 year old knee injury so I still love to use the manual gear option) PLUS, and this is the biggest bug-bear for me, it uses significantly more petrol in manual mode. Not sure where they got their L/100km numbers from but I don't think my sexy new beast is getting anywhere near that as I used half a tank in 2 days only running errands around the neighbourhood! The display screen on the dash shows you every second how many litres per 100km you'd use and it's SCARILY high at times (I'm talking 39L/100km!!).

It IS a handsome car although colour choice was a bit drab: black, silver, charcoal, white or dusky blue; cabin is easily accessible with a reasonable amount of leg room in the back and the engine will give you plenty of power when you demand it, though at quite a cost petrol-wise. Seems to me to go to a higher gear too soon in auto sometimes which makes it feel like the engine is labouring.

I must admit I was initially put off by the heavily buttoned centre dashboard panel (being somewhat reminiscent of an airplane cockpit) but it doesn't take long to get the hang of it. Being used to smart phones means you pick it up quickly but you also keep touching the screen and it ain't a touch screen....

If you like big, bold and sexy and don't mind filling up often then it's for you! The dealers were fantastic (Castle Hill Holden) and I'd happily buy there again. Hopefully they can tune it up a bit to give me a better drive and fuel economy otherwise I shall not want to drive it much and I love driving.... How I miss my nippy and economical red i30 and she's only been gone 2 days! ?