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2015 Ford Falcon XR8 Review

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I purchased my auto XR8 in May 2015 after waiting a patient 6 months for it.

It was worth the wait. This car is amazingly quick and advances in fuel economy means it uses about the same as my 4 cylinder TN Magna Elite did all those years ago (when cruising). Put the foot down and it uses the juice big time, but I didn't buy it for economy. If wanted that I'd go and buy a boring small car.

This car is truly great value for money.

It handles beautifully and is very comfortable on long trips. You don't feel tired after driving long distances because this car was built to handle the Australian conditions.

I have never owned a FG Falcon onwards before so the criticism of dated interior falls on deaf ears with me. Who cares? it will be a old model eventually, but with a great engine. It is one of those muscle cars that people will miss down the track, especially the price.

Sure there will be imports with the superchargers and the like, but they'll all nudge close to $90K and more.

This car will probably be part of an Australian folklore down the track, it will be surely missed.

An observation - Leaving the auto alone (not using it as a manual) actually increases fuel consumption. The car must have been designed to use less fuel by knocking it back a gear manually when going up hills, rather than using the ample torque to climb in the highest gear.

I don't mind this because you can actually get there faster.

It is beautifully finished and the Ford workers can be proud of their creation.