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2015 Fiat Freemont Crossroad Review

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After finding out we were expecting a fourth child the search for a reasonably priced 7 seater began .We were firstly inclined to lean towards a people mover however nothing was to our liking this led us to an SUV type vehicle.

Upon inspection of many vehicles ranging from Kluger , Colorado7 ,UMax etc we were finding we were spending a lot of money on vehicles with very little features.

It was with sheer luck that we stumbled across the Freemont which to our surprise was not only reasonably priced but also packed with features.

We were pleasantly surprised at what we actually got for our money. Not only is the vehicle packed with features and storage but it is a stylish looking vehicle which all our friends and family have commented on since it's purchase.

The vehicle is surprisingly smooth and powerful to drive and yet is not overly thirsty for the weight of the vehicle.
The dual climate control creates a comfortable atmosphere for all and the audio system is of high quality.
The inbuilt navigation system is user friendly compared to many that I have dealt with in the past.

With the V6 engines power you will find in the wet there can be a little to much power if not used correctly with the front wheel drive an all wheel drive would make a great vehicle.

The overall ride of the vehicle can be little hard on rougher roads but overall I can not fault the vehicle and would recommend it to any buyer on sheer value for money.