Ferrari 458 2015 speciale
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2015 Ferrari 458 Speciale review

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I have had a few Ferraris over the years, starting with a second-hand Ferrari 360 Spider, then a new 360 Spider I specced to my own taste with the first carbon-fibre seats in Australia in a non-racing Ferrari.

Then followed a new 599 GTB Fiorano, which neither I nor my wife liked. Even though it had a V12 engine, it was so quiet that it lacked excitement and theatre, and was more a GT cruiser than an excitement machine.

I then bought a limited-edition Ferrari 16M Scuderia Spider, which was designed and built to celebrate Ferrari winning 16 Formula One World Championships, but none of those were anything like the Ferrari 458 Speciale. Oh my god, what a car. It's no wonder that Ferrari called it 'Speciale' – the power is phenomenal and it's the last naturally aspirated Ferrari V8. The sound that this engine makes is spectacular. It's like the scream of a mad banshee or the last non-turbo Formula One cars.

It's as if the car can read your mind that you're about to, and want to, accelerate. Because no sooner do you place a little pressure on the accelerator pedal, you're already flying. No wonder Ferrari had to design such radical aerodynamics. The dual-clutch automatic gearbox shifts gears faster than any other previous road-legal Ferrari, while the magnetic suspension improves the car’s ride and handling.

The 458 Speciale has carbon fibre everywhere, both inside the car, outside on the body, and inside the engine bay. Not only is the carbon fibre there for aesthetics, but also enhancement of the vehicle's performance and to reduce weight. My car has Alcantara upholstery on the seats and dashboard, plus Bluetooth, stereo, navigation and a rear-view camera, front and rear parking sensors, and a front lifting system that is very useful when negotiating speed humps and basement garage ramps.

I have decided that this is the last Ferrari I will have, especially now that the new V8 engines are turbocharged and without the Ferrari soul of old. Also, the fact that the Ferrari 458 Speciale will undoubtedly become a very sought after and collectible Ferrari in the near future. If anyone is interested in other statistics for this particular Ferrari, then there is a lot of information about it on the internet.