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2015 Ferrari 458 Italia Review

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Wow. what a car.

The Ferrari 458 Speciale. They've add a few more things to make it just that little bit more better. when I heard that the 458's days were numbered with the new 488GTB coming in to replace it....I thought its now or never. So I went for it. And to this very day, I haven't yet regretted the choice. Oh no!

I have always been a fan of the 458 since it was launched, it sort of boosted Ferrari's appeal.

Considering that it is actually a sports car, it doesn't have all the herbs inside to allow for the best "home" like feeling. I guess that's to save weight. and the 458 is certainly no boulder either just tipping the scales at 1395kg. the Speciale is really its own car on the highway and wherever you may find acceptable roads for it to travel on.

The 458 has a tuned V8 engine (4497cc) that produces 445kW and 540Nm, which is more than enough to get it to 60mph in 3 seconds flat. that's quick. but that's not all, take it through the Blue Mountains, and it really is a shining light. cruise and 100kph, and then plant it... look at the road....then look back at the speedo, and hey? you are doing 160kph.

100-160kph in about 2 seconds. Yeah, I love this car that I did this for some time, and yes, I did make ample fuel stops! this car is a bit pricey, and thirsty, but those are the things that wont really come into your mind when you are driving.

This car does turn heads and cameras when driven through my home town, but that's one of the joys of having a 458. I'm not proud or boastful, but I was told by a friend "if you are gonna buy a 458 mate, you are going to hafta deal with a lot of cameras" that person was right.

When driving you do get that feel that you're in a rocket, but cant help but think about the 458 stopping production. its really sad, but to know that you have got the keys to one of their finest examples...it puts a smile on your face as big as a banana!! the driving dynamics a spot-on, perfect ride height and the ability to throw it into corners, and it will grip like soggy weet-bix to a bowl.

So I am very, very impressed with the 458 attributes, and driving dynamics. having driven it at 330kph, you get to realise that it has a lot to offer.