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2015 BMW 435i Gran Coupe M Sport Review

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First, the car has a great engine (3 litre twin turbo) that is enough to have fun with the car. Also, it has a great performance and handling while driving in a high speed, but if you turn off its traction control, you have more fun!

Although it has a small engine, it's light weight, aerodynamic and suspension helps the car to be great. In addition, its gear changes are instant. When you finish from the 1st gear you just hit the second without a problem and in high speed.

Second, the German engineering is very precious with detail especially in style. The BMW 435i has a modern exterior design with nice lines from the sides and mean looking front. However on the interior, it kept its simplicity and attractive design with the dashboard, steering wheel, seats ... etc. The only that they missed is the rear seat spacing.

They are tight and some people can't have enough comfort. On the other hand, the trunk spacing is fabulous. I have installed a 58 in. TV back on the 435i gran coupe with no problem, just by folding the rear seats!!!

Third, the BMW 435i has a high tech. Features such as the voice reader, navigation, writing pad, limited internet access, and a customer services that works 24/7 whether you can call them if you don't know a location of a place rather that searching manually. This car has different modes the comfort, sport, sport plus and the eco. This ECO mode tries to save as much fuel as it can by reducing power and some other fuel consumption features.