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2015 BMW 3 16i Review
  • Very attractive , Different modes for different driving styles, Comfortable
  • Can be harder for older people to get in and out with the bolstered seats, No fold down seats

by Apple Genius 5

The bmw 316i m sport package is an amazing car. At first we were worried about the cargo space but we have not had any issues with it. The gas mileage is not that great but when we work it out it cost about the same as our old car. It is an extremely comfortable car there is so many seat adjustments that can be made.

We have the burl walnut wood interior with a blue fabric stitching into the alcantara seats. The exterior is a metallic black. The car is absolutely stunning at every angle.

It has LED lights which the daytime running lights really compliment the car. The price was a bit hefty but it cost about the same as a crossover such as a Honda CR-V or a Toyota RAV4 in my area. The local BMW gives you 3 years free service after you buy the car. And when you are ready to sell it they have a certified pre owned program where you don’t have to meet the buyer or anything the will just call you to bring the car down and they handle the selling part.

Once you drive the car you will immediately fall in love with it. The handling is amazing. With this stunning car you will also get along with it staring people on the road. Our mind was set on a 3 series when we went to BMW and we looked at different the series and the x3’s but this BMW 316i m sport package caught our eye. BMW is an overall great experience from the amazing cars to the great customer service

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2015 BMW 3 16i Review Review
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