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2015 Audi Rs3 Sportback Quattro Review

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Four decades later, the latest Audi RS3 packs 362bhp, wallops to the national limit in half the time and weighs very nearly twice as much. It is, for those who set store by such things, the most powerful production hatchback we’ve yet tested, edging out the almost equally bonkers 18-month-old Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG, precisely as it was meant to.

Although it prefers not to concede weaknesses, Quattro GmbH – the maker of all RS-badged Audis – has been quick this time around to emphasise that the latest RS3 not only comes with a new headline power output but also some fettling to the all-wheel drive system to make its handling a little more balanced and interesting.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard that from the spin machine at Neckarsulm, yet we live in hope – because the prospect of the RS3 finally becoming the hot hatch doyen that its price has long since suggested it might be is a compelling one.

At the one end, better comfort levels – those magnetic dampers are an essential option – and superior refinement make the RS3 the plush, usable prospect it always should have been. At the other, it is hilariously fast.

So, what is your rival? I could face off to die.