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2015 Audi Q3 2.0 TFSI Quattro (155kw) Review

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I've bought it as an offer after quoting a VW Tiguan.

It was a very good choice.

It rides smoth in town, with an avg 6.5km/l consumption, and on the road it reaches amazing 13 km/l when not forced beyond 120km/h.

When you need power, to pass other vehicles, or climbing a hill, the torque responds with no complains.

Form 0-100km/h in 7 sec, and from 60 to 120 in just 4 sec.

Every day I discover different gadgets (ex. during acceleration from 60km/h to 120km/h, the car alerts that you have an open window and you're having aerodinamic draw.

The boot is a minus. As I use to have a bigger suv, sometimes i miss extra space.

Remarkable off road capabilities, (of course is not for river crossing or rock climbing), it has great performance on clay, sand, gravel or mud, despite the high spped tyres.

Inside is quiet, zero noise, and the AUDI MMI sound system is great.

Inside all the finishing and attention to details is something that stands out of oteher vehicles.

The lack of a "real" spare tyre is another problem, as the tiny backup tyre is a problem.

I'm buying an extra set of tyres, (it came with 235/50R18 and off road it feels hard) 235/60R16 with AT capabilities to be used every time I pretend to go off road, camping or traveling.

Servicing costs are affordable, no problems yet.

Despite I had an minor accident, I spent more than 2kUSD to replace rear bumper and lights.

The high driving position is great.

Overall, probably one of the best cars I had.