Audi A1 2015 sportback 1.4 tfsi sport
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2015 Audi A1 Sportback 1.4 TFSI Sport Review

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I change my car every 18 months. Ive been extremely happy with my Audi A1 in cortina white. I like having a prestige badge in a compact car especially for the streets in newtown and the inner west. The followup care with Audi Australia has been exceptional. The is my second german built car and I really notice the exceptional build quality. I have the corporate Audi package which is three years free servicing (plus pickup and delivery of my car st home).

The engine is tight and has power on hand to get me out tricky situations. You can drive the car in auto or the manual paddles.

The seats are comfortable snd I like the adjustable lumbar support. Really helps with a bad back and having to sit in city traffic.

The cabin feels much bigger inside. My partner has s Mercedes A-Class, which has a low roof. The Audi has a high roof and feels open. Not as stuffy in the cabin as the Mercedes.

The buttons and the general feel of the interior are well put together. I silver door handles are metal. I particularly do not like to much plastic in cars because it always ends up scratched or dented. The Audi feels classical in its built just like the Mercedes A-Class.

So far I have no regrets in buying the Audi A1. I saved myself 10k by purchasing the Audi over the Mercedes A-Class.

If your a yuppee in the inner west of Sydney and want a prestige badge. Definitely consider the Audi A1 2015 sports back 1.4 turbo charged auto.