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2014 Volkswagen Touareg V8 TDI R-line Review

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I love this car, but there are some things I wish were different.

The price is eye-watering for a V8 TDI, $120,000 in Australia; a Volkswagen should not cost that much. The performance in a straight line is epic, when it arrives, because the turbo lag is pretty awful; meaningful grunt takes about 2 seconds after you put your boot into it.

If you can forgive or otherwise workaround the lag, it has great roadholding and reliability, the servicing costs are fixed for about 5 years, the comfort level is excellent, the space is big, but so is the car. Driving in Sydney in peak hour, dicing for road space with huge trucks is not for the fainthearted.

I particularly like the connectivity with my Samsung Galaxy III phone, which allows me to provide a WiFi hotspot in the car by borrowing the SIM card in the phone.

I don't love the Radar Cruise Control because it holds me some way back from the the idiot in front, who then thinks I am perfectly comfortable driving 25 metres behind him at 15 kms/hr below the speed limit. You cannot turn off the radar feature either; it is "glued onto" the cruise control so its cruise on or off, full stop. The radar cruise control will slow the car to a stop if the moron in front does that; but accelerate away by just a flick of the wheel to show the radar clear air ahead, and at a rate that most cars will have trouble keeping up with.

Overall, a great car with a few faults.