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2014 Volkswagen Polo 6 Tsi Trendline Review

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Last year I was actively researching for the purchase of my first car. The criteria was simple, it had to be a 5 door small car with reasonable servicing costs, good technology and good manual transmission.

At the time of my car search in September 2014 most cars in the light car segment were outgoing models (Mazda 2, Honda Jazz, Volkswagen Polo, Toyota Yaris) making my job to find a new model difficult in the time frame that was required. After endless nights of research and weighing up the pros and cons of each model, I settled on the 2014 Volkswagen Polo MY15 Trendline. Which to my luck was being released within the week.

The Volkswagen Polo was a no brainer with the $15999 drive away price tag which included a 3 year warranty, Capped price servicing, Volkswagen Assist, Touchscreen and Hill-Hold. I quickly raced to my local Volkswagen dealership and requested a test drive. Before the test-drive I must admit I was a little skeptical on how well the new 1.2L Turbo engine would perform in overtaking and in general how the Blue motion technology would affect the car in taking off etc.

However, after having the Polo for almost 6 months now there are not many things I can fault with this zippy little city car. As a P-Plater I feel confident that my car can do anything in any situation that I am faced with given it be overtaking, taking off smoothly or parking in a tight little car bay. This car can do anything!! The manual transmission is smooth and effortlessly changes into gears. The touch screen is easy to use and the quality of the speakers is brilliant.

On a particular note, I am very impressed with the fuel efficiency of the Polo. I refill the tank once a month (not very often I know) swapping between 95 and 98 fuel. A full tank of fuel costs no more than $50 making this car pretty cheap to run. Which I must compare to my parents Golf which we refill every 2-3 weeks costing around $60-70.

Something which I believe the car could have improved is the hill-hold feature. The hill-hold takes of very smoothly however only holds the car for roughly 5 seconds. Enough to do a hill start without the handbrake for sure (and no I am not being lazy) but Volkswagen could and maybe should look to improve the hill-hold system and make it more like the Golf. However, the hill-hold function is a feature that sets it apart from other manuals in its segment. You do get a smug feeling when your car does't roll back on the hill.

On a negative note, the material pattern in the Trendline is awful with a dull pink checkered pattern. If you compare the Polo to the Honda Jazz and the Ford Fiesta it surprisingly looks more sophisticated and not as cheap.

If you are looking for a car that is reliable, modern, has great features and is still going for $15 999 drive away. Then look no further and request a test drive. This Polo is amazing and you will have no regrets. However, if you have a spare $7000 maybe consider looking at the Volkswagen Golf which is in a completely different class of its own.

Would I purchase the Volkswagen Polo again? Yes, I would!