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2014 Volkswagen Golf 90 TSI Comfortline Review

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Our decision to buy the Volkswagen Golf was influenced by three main factors. First the uncanny smoothness and quietness of the ride, second, the relatively wide opening and flat floor of the hatch - great for loading golf gear, and third, the slightly smaller and neater conservative shape which offers excellent vision all round.

After 15000km we have few reasons to regret our decision. In addition to the smoothness and quietness of the ride we are impressed by the fuel consumption - 5.3 litres/ 100km without any attempt at frugal driving.

A bonus for me is the surprisingly sprightly performance and handling when pressed in manual mode, that is when I can prise my wife out of the driver's seat.

The interior has a quality look and feel about it and the whole package is impressively screwed together.
Having just completed the first (15000km) service we were pleasantly surprised by the capped service price, which was less than the price quoted on the phone. I suspect this price might vary from dealer to dealer?

There have been a few negatives.

The cruise control is quite incapable of holding the set speed down a decline of any length. From a set freeway speed of 110kph the car will accelerate downhill to well over 130kph unless the brakes are dabbed continuously.

The DSG auto can be exasperating at times because of it's obsession with staying in the highset possible gear and it's hesitation when asked for a quick reaction. In situations where this might be necessary, it is prudent to bump the lever back to sports mode and leave it there.

At lower temperature settings the air conditioning seems less cool than other vehicles I have driven.