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2014 Volkswagen Amarok Review

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I have driven the volkswagon Amarok for over 6 months now and feel quite confident in saying that the engineering that went into these vehicles are far superior then most of its competition, the duel cab segment is vastly expending by workers and families, so with that in mind the Volkswagon Amarok can appeal to everyone with a hard working or adventurous lifestyle with its rugged reliability and outstanding space and comfort inside and out of the cab. The 8 speed auto is smooth and always seems to know what gear I need, I also love sports mode allowing me to change into what gear I may need when off roading although sometimes it thinks the gear I chose isn't the best choice and wants to change on me. I love the constant 4motion as for I feel more planted to the road no matter what driving conditions are which is an important factor for anyone who is very safety conscious about driving in torrential down pours on stormy days and nights. The two litre twin turbo engine is more then powerful enough for the average person to tow boats, caravans, motorbike and car trailers with ease while also carrying heavy loads in the tray which to my surprise is quite effortless although fuel consumption is effected quite a bit but thats to be expected.I bought my Amarok as an all round vehicle to suit my needs it has luxury interior with heated seats, loads of cabin space (more then I need to be honest) its very capable off road even with out low range gears, and it has a large enough tray to fit my dirtbikes or all my camping gear in the back for those weekends away from home so I'm my personal opinion its suits my needs and wants 110%