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2014 Toyota 86 GTS Review

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I've now owned the 86 GTS for several months and I find it an exceptional drive. In additional to the vehicle having great looks, the steering is pin sharp and the handling is superbly predictable.
I love the seating and steering position and the road view is very good. Additionally, the interior is finished of quite well and athletically is sporty, modern and functional.

Overall, I love the car thus far. I like the fact that it's lightweight, looks good and simple in many ways. Simple implying I like the fact the seats are manually adjustable. I also like the fact that Toyotas are well built and reliable.

I also feel the car is good value compared to other sports cars, some of which are ridiculously priced and selling on the history of a badge. I test drove other more costly supposedly sports cars and admittedly they may have been better in some ways, however were they 2, 3, 5, 8 times better as there asking price would indicate? Simple answer is no. In fact when it comes down to handling, driving position and steering the 86 is right up there with the best. Ps, I also own a 911 Porsche, hence a have a good baseline to go by.
In essence there is very little I dislike about the car, though I do wish it had more torque and power, not so much because it's lacking, however because the chassis (monoqucok) is so brilliant.

Note, I also own quite a number of collectable cars, as well as an original 1976 RA 23 Celica and the 86 is just as pleasurable to drive.

Please note, the vehicle has had a few modifications which I believe are an improvement on the existing, these are;
#Bilstien coilovers (adjustable).
#Complete new lightweight exhaust, inclusive of headers. Providing a better exhaust note and slightly better throttle response.
#18 x 9 light weight Japanese made wheels, inclusive of new tyers.

Thank you.