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2014 Suzuki Sx4 Crossover Navigator Review

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Sorry but I haven't had a good run with my sx4, I have had lots of problems from day dot and now I do feel like everyone in the service area are getting grumpy at me but I have had so many problems, serious problems that they have had to fix which hasn't been my fault.

I have even had problems with it starting some times I have to turn it over 3 times to get it to start, we have reset keys then they ended up resetting my car which has worked.

Then trouble with the rings and things which they had my car for 2 weeks and no loan car was provided I was told to ring suzuki if I wanted a loan car and organize it with them so was given no help so I had to borrow friends cars while my new car was fixed again.

Also my Aircon has just been fixed.

Comfort in the car is great easy to park and great on fuel.The transmission does take a little to get use to I have the auto.I do love how easy it is to get in and out of I'm not having to sit down in to it it's right at a perfect height.

I know this isn't a good review but I have had the worst 12 month, I brought a new car hoping that I wouldn't have to worry about anything for a few yrs and this hasn't been the case sorry but I'm a grumpy sx4 owner.