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2014 Subaru WRX Premium (AWD) Review

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My first Subaru after years of Quattros and 4WDs, it's a fantastic everyday car with enough comfort for the daily commute, but more than ample 'fun factor' for the weekends.

Short shifting and sharp transmission and nice clutch feel, although there has been a slight slip after only 9,000kms. I have yet to experience any brake fade, even after some very heavy use through the Black Spur, so I can't comment on their apparent lack of effectiveness. I have found them very good with excellent bite.

Couple that with perhaps my favourite "D" steering wheel, pin point turn in and superior grip, you're left with a thoroughly entertaining, and safe, ride. Seats and ergonomics are perfect with everything within drivers reach, making long drives to Mt Hotham a breeze.

You'll love the looks you receive as the muffled grumble of the exhaust takes effect with a quick throttle blip, made all that much easier by heel toe braking with fantastic pedal placement. Wind it up, and the jet like turbo gate whistles hard, with a subtle, yet satisfying waste gate dump upon up shift.

An expensive way to get excited quickly; but who cares now petrol is near $1.00 per litre again. Set backs; there are unfortunately a few, however they can be overcome. Without doubt, Subaru needs to improve the quality of the stereo and I'm shocked that Harmon Kardon put their name on what only can be described as a joke. Even on the Premium model, which I have, the radio reception is woeful and treble is almost non existent with poor mid range capability.

That's not the worst part. Voice command... forget it. Try saying 'Centre Road, Brighton" and you'll get a multitude of places starting at Santa Parade all the way to Zebra. Voice recognition is by far the worst I have ever experienced on a vehicle, and that includes early model Mercedes! You read that correctly! If you can replace the unit, do it! Y

ou don't get driver display for audio functions, so you need not worry about losing that feature. Other improvements would be smart key intuitiveness. The inability to open the boot whilst the keys are in the car is frustrating, so remember to 'pop the boot' via the internal cabin button as the smart key button doesn't work. Small niggles also include cheap sunroof switches which may leave you sitting in the car closing it, more often than you'd think.

A remote closing feature would go a long way. Overall, my Rex is a fantastic car, where performance for money is unrivaled. A few minor technology updates would make this car a 9.5 in my eyes. The other 0.5 you ask? That's the tow bar, that can not be fitted!