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2014 Nissan Dualis +2 Ti-L (4x2) Review

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This is a review of Ryder Evans Photography. I recently purchased a Dualls +2 Ti-L. Honestly its the best car I have ever owned. I run my own business and its perfect for what I do. Plenty of room and very comfortable on long drives. I regally drive from Brisbane to Byron Bay and back in the same day and it sits amazing on the highway without any problems.

The iPhone connectivity is great. My previous car had no bells and whistles at all. I honestly thought that some features of the car where a waste of money (Moon Roof) but once you have driven a car with it you really don't know what its like. On long drives its great to move the roof back and let the light in.

It gives you a sense of space and its really nice to have the sun coming in through the roof. Would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of getting one Plus the 1% is great especially if you run you down business. The only con I would say is getting used to the CVT gearbox.

If you have never driven a car with it before it does take some getting used too. At first it seems your revving the car a little too much but its amazing how much power they have, Even when it is used in manual mode. As previous mentioned I really enjoy my Nissan Dualis T-LI +2. It has been amazing since the day I got it and doesn't look like stopping anytime soon.

Ryder Evans Photography