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2014 Mitsubishi Pajero Vr-x LWB Review

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Biggest positive is price when compared to Toyota and Nissan. We got ours about 12 months ago for $52,000 that included a $4000 cash back and $2000 worth of accessories. So far its been reliable as well after travelling 45,000kms including numerous outback tracks and across the Nullarbor and back.

The biggest negative however is towing. The spare and tailgate sits way way too low as it hits most hitches and the rear door cant be opened. A web search into this will see the forums filled with discussions about the issue. Unfortunately until you know about it or search for it, it’s already probably too late.

This item is clearly a design flaw. There’s a particle fix for about $100 dollars where it lift the spare up 50mm but even after that the tail gate will hit the hitch and you will only be able to open the rear about 30 degrees. We have what I would call a mid height Camper Trailer and we have been trying to solve the issue with both increasing the height of the rear with new springs, air bags, lifting the spare and different tow hitches and I’m now forming the opinion that unless you plan to tow only a very low to the ground trailer then it’s not the car for you.

The sales person won’t mention any of this to you. Mitsubishi should at least provide the spare wheel lift kit when fitting a genuine tow pack but to date they don’t. Our requests were basically met with denial of the design flaw by Mitsubishi and the added strange comment from them that Pajeros are only designed to “tow smaller trailers with smaller hitches”. I’m sure that comment won’t be in any marketing material.

OVERALL – I think any rating is only ever going to be about mid range. If I was asked if I would buy one again (and travel around Australia) probably not. But that being said if price was the overriding factor and I could deal with the negatives, then maybe.