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2014 Mazda 3 Sp25 GT Review

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From the day I picked her up, I've never had a problem. You can tell Mazda have really worked hard to make sure this car lasts, I've driven other cars and you feel like if you push it a little it will fall apart, but never with the Mazda.

Pushing hard, there is a bit of understeer, but that's to be expected from FWD car.

It has plenty of up and go as well. Fuel wise, after 20,000km I'm at 7.1/100kms and on long highway cruises it has been as low as 6.4/100km, Which I'm happy with.

Servicing is great, and at about $300 every 12 months its not a bad deal; Plus they also give you a free hand car Wash when Mazda have finished the service.

Booking a service is another story depending on where you are, you may need to book 3 or even 4 weeks in advance (Im in Penrith Sydney NSW Area)

Engine still runs like brand new, gearbox is smooth and holds gears when you need them.

I do have a few small things I would change.

Somewhere to put your keys; its a small thing but still would be nice if they had a key holder you could put the FOB (Having it in your pocket while driving isn't fun).

Road noise really isn't that much of an issue for me, but it is a bit on the loud side for some people.

One of the main things for me when buying was how it looks, I went with the sedan version and I really couldn't be happier with it. It's a great looking car and inside its very nice, the leather heated seats are great in the cold mornings.

All the tech you could ask for is inside, touch screen, Sat nav that works great and heads up display is great as it works with the Sat-Nav.

Only thing I would really ask for is a sportier version in the future, the car does handle and go well, but I always feel like an extra 30-40kw would of done wonders for this car.

Price wise, it's a great deal and one of the best cars in Australia. Go for test drive and you'll never look back.