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2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Review

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I can't fault this Jeep. Have done lots of long country trips and it just eats up the miles with ease, and with great fuel economy. I purchased the 3 year pre-paid service package ($2200 from memory) so services are fun as there is no payment required. No reliability issues other than a connectivity problem with the first stereo, which was replaced, the 2 recalls on the car have all been for very minor issues which are rectified at service, things like the potential for freezing brake fluid if you are in subarctic conditions!

This is such a pleasure to drive, is so quiet on the road and handles like a sports car, not like a large SUV. I've had other drivers comment with amazement on its ability through winding country roads. You seriously need to drive one before considering other vehicles in this segment, as many of them are truck-like in comparison. The stereo is fantastic with 13 speakers and surround sound, great Bluetooth connectivity and lots of options.

This car thinks for you and turns on the heated and vented seats when temperatures get extreme, it also turns on the heated steering wheel on a cold night, which is very pleasant. The adaptive cruise control is one feature I never thought I'd use, but I use it a lot. It makes traffic jams so much more bearable as you don't need to use your feet, the car basically drives itself. I also love the fact that the cruise control brakes for you, and even slows if you are going a bit too fast around a corner (which the car handles so well anyway).

The gearbox is smooth and 8th gear sees you sitting on very low revs on the highway. The headlights even turn when you are cornering so you can see around corners.

The only negatives I have are the foot brake which you do get used to, it doesn't intrude on leg room. The transmission 'joystick' is a bit of a fiddle until you get used to it, but works well once you do. I also miss that the rear glass doesn't open like prior models. I love the huge screen and reversing camera with active guidelines, and also the blind spot monitoring and beeps from the system when you are reversing and there are other vehicles / people moving around you - such a great safety feature.

Brakes are amazing, with huge rotors, so I have never experienced brake fade. My dealer says they have never replaced brake pads on any current shape Grand Cherokees even after 150,000 k's, as they just last so long.