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by C J Carbonell

I was initially contemplating an S.U.V after suffering a long troubled ownership of a 2007 V.E Holden sedan . After 6 or so months looking for viable alternatives , ” i e ” sedans and s u v ‘s , it was the Mazda Cx5 that booked my interest most after test driving it and a myriad of other vehicles in between .

Driving the Cx5 however left me a little underwhelmed with a rather spartan looking dash , an unidentified squeak / rattle in the drivers door and lacking a little response to the right foot. A nice vehicle nonetheless. Looking further a field , I noticed a Santa Fe in the new dealership next door and went for a look.

What I didn’t expect to see with this vehicle from my preconceived attitude to the brand was flawless build quality , a super stylish interior and a look from the exterior that was fast growing on me. A salesman offered a drive of an Elite spec and I was blown away by it’s smooth ,quiet /refined ride and excellent power , it’s features and service / after care .

What impressed me the most though was the experience of the purchase . Attentive and professional service was not what I’m used to with car dealerships more interested in your money than your custom . And it continues after buying the car with aftercare servicing and enquiries .

I have had the Titainium silver Elite for 6 months having just completed it’s first major service . Nothing has gone wrong , fallen off , broken , stalled , fried , leaked or gone flat , which is more than I can say about another new car experience prior .

The Santa Fe feels like it’s built to last , uses much less fuel than a petrol V6 ( 7 – 9 Ltr / 100 Kms ) and seats 7 and has an exhaustive standard list of features a vehicle costing twice the price would have and above all , so glad I didn’t go for the Cx5 because the Elite comprehensively outshines it.

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2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Elite CRDi Review Review
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