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2014 Hyundai Genesis Review

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This for anyone contemplating buying a Hyundai Genesis.

First of all. This could be a great car but is only a good car. I have owned this car for approximately 10 months & have done 15000 km.

There are 2 concerns - 1 steering and 2 Diff noise from 100k/h to 115 k/h Steering on faster bends tends to go from understeer to oversteer and is quiet unsettling. Also tyres tend to flat spot until warmed up (approx 2-3 kms) Apparently in the USA & Korea they have replaced the tyres under warranty.

Also one other thing that is annoying is it a hesitation on acceleration. If these issues were addressed this could be a great car as there are so many other things which impress such as Lexicon sound system and the way the hill hold function works is a credit to its engineers.

It also doesn't look to bad either with its low wide stance and has great proportions & has a real presence on the road .This car has a lot going for it so come on you guys at Hyundai fix these things . These items I have stated would most likely not be that apparent on a test drive but after becoming familiar with the car they are in my opinion letting the car down .

Also Hyundai need to look at pricing ,It probably needs to be in the low $50k price range not because its not worth $60k (it just doesn't have the right badge i.e. Merc,BMW etc)