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2014 Honda Jazz GLi Review

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Not impressed with the Honda Jazz I find it uncomfortable to drive sitting in too long on long drives, I feel sorry for anyone in the back to squashy.

It has no get up and go especially overtaking forget it you won't make it.

I have mine serviced at Honda and the price I pay to service it I could buy a 95 civic.

The Jazz looks visually good but inside its too cramped, the only great thing is the magic seats.

The car I bought brand new and the air conditioner blew up in a few weeks took Honda 5 months to get the part from Japan of course it was our summer time so when the part came in our summer had been and gone.

The car does have a great heater though and a one stack CD player.

The car to drive is very silent inside the cabin, and the side windows in the front give you extra seeing distance but it reflects the White lines on the road which I find it triggers a headache for some reason.

The Honda Jazz overall is great for a person who wants to drive short distances great for easy parking at the shops.

Long distance forget it you feel cramped and feel like you are in a box, and the car doesn't have a klm alarm so all of a sudden you look down and your driving over the speed limit.

Also I dislike the Orange lights on the odo looks outdated.

I am just not that impressed and think with the money you pay you could get more bang for your buck.