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2014 Holden Cruze CDX Review

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Bought this car in 2014 new but had to go back to the car yard 4 times because of problems with it told by sales people at Brian Gardner Motors in Cannington, WA nothing wrong with it. Had the car serviced last week had no oil filter, it had disintegrated into the engine causing a big build up of black sludge material.Was told lucky I had it serviced otherwise it would have blown up. I paid cash for this heap of crap and thought that I had a car that would last, seeing as I have retired.

I would like my money back and am very disappointed overall with the car and company.What else can I say except that other people with this car have had problems also.When I went back to the sales yard I felt that I was treated with disrespect as I am of Aboriginal decent and mature aged. One of my sons is a mechanic and wants something done about the car as I cant afford to buy another one or pay for major repairs. It sucks when a woman makes a complaint and is treated in a disrespectful manner like we don't have any brains or common sense.

I was looking for a car that would last me for many years and not have problems from the day I bought it. I hope Brian Gardner Motors have a good look at their customer service staff as I was treated in a very disrespectful manner when I had the audacity to complain about the brakes and steering.

Thank You.