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2014 Holden Colorado Lx Review

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I have purchased a 2014 LX 4x4 crew cab Colorado and i am very disappointed with noise intrusion in the cabin, a lot of noise seems to come from around the door area, not sure whether it is the bad design of the door seals or the windows not sealing when fully up, as I cracked open the drivers window minutely and the noise level did not change.

The engine noise is very intrusive at suburban speeds, but on highway I can't hear the engine, mainly because of the wind noise intrusion.

Power is very good, my previous vehicle was a 2009 3 litre turbo and had good power but the Colorado seems to be on a par if not better, it does seem to pull up hills better but as the vehicle has only done a thousand kilometres I am not yet pushing it too hard.

I only purchased this vehicle because the dealer was offering an automatic gearbox for the same price as the manual, ( I can drive manual but my left knee is not too good ) the auto is a good unit and the car has plenty of power, but I am wishing that I had paid extra and purchased a BT50.

The ride is a little more harsh than my previous vehicle, a 2009 Ford Ranger 4x4 flat tray single cab, and the seats are no where as comfortable as the ranger. If I could change my mind I would definitely not buy a Colorado again.