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  • Good usable power, great window controls, Value for money, Handles the highway well, Mechanically well equipped
  • Lag at take off, Variance with cruise control, Average headlight capability

by Robert

I have only had the car for 2 weeks and travelled less than 500 km. The vehicle had a suspension upgrade by TJM plus a canopy and bullbar fitted prior to delivery.

The suspension was a definite improvement on the vehicle ride. First dirt road was a winding corrugated farm access that has been flogged for at least 6 months without a grader.

I was very impressed with comfort level over the conditions. Next test was from Innisfail to Mareeba via the Palmerston Hwy. Handled as well or better than my work SR5 Hilux (may have something to do with the Toyota suspension in the Foton).

Fuel economy was good and power was adequate to the task. Cruise control varies speed (95 to 105) to much and not as accurate as Toyota or my Mitsubishi Lancer but can be lived with. Night driving is okay but will be putting some driving lights up front.

The initial lag is annoying when taking off at intersections but is easily overcome with some extra revs. Fuel consumption readout does not show the trip average however it does show the overall average.

Clock failed in the first week but service people said no problem. Overall happy with price and dealing with the service dept. Still learning the car and keen to get out and about where the Lancer couldn’t go.

Love the sound of the Cummins grunt. Finish is average but I keep reminding myself of the price I paid. Still going to be good value and fun, and still below the cost of a 4 year old hilux with 100k on the clock. Time will be the test.

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