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2014 Foton Tunland (4x4) Review

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Have had my 4x4 tray-back for 20 months, about 39,000 kms. I have just taken it on a trip through the Simpson desert and it preformed brilliantly.

It has a lot of features for the price. The cabin space is great and it is fantastic to get in and out of. I do miss left hand foot rests but having done trips that are well over a thousand kms in a day and am no worse than others cars worth a lot more. Not a lot of accessories available but I think they will come in time.

I love the motor I find it pulls well from 1500 rpm. After towing a trailer with heavy loads on it I was very impressed.

I Loved the desert trip and will do canning stock route next year. Great to drive on the open road, it scoots along very well all day at 120kms no problem. This does knock fuel economy around but so does speed on my 80 series Land Cruiser. Spring are probably too weak as are all trade Utes built today. For a good ride shocks also need looking at.

Bonnet catch is a bit tricky till you get used to it. The fuel filler is way to small and makes it hard to fill especially with fast fill hoses. Fuel light comes on a bit late on long trips between towns. Another tank would be handy but there is plenty spare room under tray for one.

Once again a few small details but for the money great value, if you want more features it will cost more money and I think for the money it's good buying, my wife wants a 4 door one.