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2014 Ford Ranger XLT 3.2 Review

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The car was purchased 12 months ago in Kalgoorlie W.A. it has just had 30k service has performed good heaps of power and leg room in the back seats, Its a bit heavy on fuel .

It was purchased to go 4x4 driving but only been used for highway use at this stage had the usual tow bar, roobar, spotties, canopy, to way,fitted having a problem with a rattle in the front left, had it back 4 times to be looked at they all say the problem is fixed but get 10 ks down the road and its still comes back i am going to take car to a independent reliable mechanic as the ford dealers have no idea what they are doing. apart from the rattle i am happy with the performance and the car.

The services are capped at every 15000ks cost $400 ,30000ks cost $540 i think that's a bit pricey when the car is started first thing on a cold morning the transmission has to be left to warm up as the car wont move for about 30 seconds when you select gears don't know if that's normal.

The car was purchased to go out bush camping fishing and all the other 4x4 driving and to take the dogs the car has been on dirt twice the back canopy has filled up with dust if the dogs were in the back they would have had trouble breathing the canopy is sealed with rubber in between tray and canopy the tailgate needs rubber seals