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2014 Citroen C4 Seduction Review

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I bought C4 2014 in Jun-14, and by the 10th month, the hydraulic pump for the steering wheel was formally declared defective and needed replacement. There is an estimate wait of 2 weeks before the spare part arrive from France to Australia.

Meantime, it is NOT covered in the warranty that you get a service car - this is at the dealer's discretion. Good luck with wanting to make you understood by Citroen Australia for reimbursement transport charges. The steering wheel got blocked several times on the highway whilst driving, with error messages to stop and Citroen will tell you that NO the steering wheel was turning and it is a perfectly safe car, that there is no problem with the car.

This is Citroen, their car and coming back to you that the car is perfectly safe when there is defect.

Prior to the defect manifesting itself, it was smooth to drive. I have been quite happy with the smoothness and run of the car - to be truthful.

The car is spacious and windows wide with minimal blind spot. Had a mazda 3 sedan prior, the economy for fuel usage is approximately the same So there is no added advantage here.

The interior is spacious and pleasant, the coffee holder just near the gear - so is not practical coz you will spill your coffee. Liked the central locking for the car - a safety feature that is appreciated. All the same the customer support keeps changing on what they say to you.

Support is disappointing and they did their best. :( that was my disappointment. Not really a value for money car, or what I can term good and satisfied.