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2014 Audi A3 Sportback 1.4 TFSI Attraction Review

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The annual price for the navigation system update is a blatant unmitigated ripoff.

Although I love my Audi, my next vehicle will be a BMW.

This is purely a moral judgement based on the current price of navigation uodates.

This may sound petty to the multitudes but this is my perception.

Again it is not a case of money but sheer principle.

I am unable to ascertain how Audi is not responding to the general angst of its lovers.

The handling is superb.

I am a professional musican and consequently spend a great proportion of my time on the road. I cannot compare any other vehicle that meets my standards. I enjoy just driving my Audi knowing I will arrive safely and on time.

The sound system is a little troublesome when using th SD cards but I suspect its a minor problem with either the capacity or format of thr said cards.

The service centre is fantastic and can't do enough. They are timely and professional.

The boot space is not wide enough for a guitar, primarily I should have purchased a larger model.

The handling for a front wheel drive is exceptional, and is underpinned by a superb braking system.

Aerodynamics are great with an acceptable drag profile.

If by some miniscule chance I receive a petrol voucher, I will take it off the cost of a navigation upgrade.

Again, I reiterate Audi must take action regarding the ridiculous cost of the navation upgrades. BMW changed their agents, I cannot fathom why Audi with all their wisdom is unable to do the same.