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2014 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Progression 1.4 Review

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The best car I have owned. Superb reliability and durability with reasonable service costs. Love the DNA, handling acceleration and 1000km per tank of predominantly motorway driving.

Excellent night vision on low beam. TCT transmission smooth and intuitive with latest mapping. Make sure your dealer upgrades the mapping at service if not done already. The 1.4 turbo Multiair pulls like a train up steep hills while maintaining excellent economy. Handling on michelin tyres is perfect even in the more sedate normal mode. Brakes are like anchors able to stop the car from 100km/h in a very short distance. Stereo sound is excellent and so is radio reception. The dashboard has a design that appeals and does not copy any other manufacturer. Seats are firm comfortable and clad with durable material.

Looking at the car in my garage brings a great deal of pleasure and joy. Shame that the rear light clusters that were unique in 2012 have been unashamedly plagiarised by so many Korean and Japanese manufacturers not to mention a reputable German one on their smallest model. Alfa have already improved the connectivity and satnav. Michelin primacy tyres should be standard on 16 inch rims for the best comfort handling compromise.

To encourage more to appreciate this great car, marketing should encourage young professionals and families to try it out. Also, educate buyers on the service costs which are less than the equivalent Mazda that I previously owned. Product review clearly shows that it is a well received product which is a winner with the correct service and dealer support.