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2013 Volvo V40 T4 Luxury Review

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This is my first Volvo. i wanted for this model to come out because it was the first one that really made sense to me. I've had it for just over a year and love it. It is a smart looking car and very well put together. i do a mix of city driving and driving up the coast to see family. I bought the luxury model with the driver support pack option, which has very clever stuff like adaptive cruise control, autonomous braking and adjusting headlights (so that you are not constantly flipping between high and low beam).

The engine has a lot of grunt, and the turbo kicks in when you put the foot down. The front seats are very comfortable and the electric adjustment and the memory function are cute, but only really useful if a number of different people drive the car.

The review comments on the ford focus. A focus driver i know also loves the Volvo whenever they have driven it. And they haven't referenced the focus in their comments!

Things that i think could be better is tyre noise on rough road surfaces. Smooth roads - quiet as a church, but not on other than smooth bitumen. and the rear seat leg room i think is poor. my Toyota echo had better!

Not having sat nav in the base model of a premium car was a bit naughty and this made the luxury model the better bet. I was disappointed that the sat nav didn't have voice recognition and using the dials to set it requires some patience.

Would I buy another V40? In a flash!