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2013 Volkswagen Golf Review

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Mindspace – Year 2000

The journey began when our family buz decided to take a turn south and my beloved 2012 Range Rover Sport had to go! The period of austerity was to begin, sensible, practical, reliable was to take place, but how this was to be executed was the overarch question?

Many years prior to the family buz was my advertising life, which included quite a few years of scooting around Melbourne in the latest offering from Germany, at the time this meant Volkswagen Golfs, coated either in silver/ black/ or white, all agreed… the best value for the new millennium!

Fast Forward – Facebook

New Volkswagen Golf 7 pops up in my feed; the sleek new body (yet distinctively Golf) instantly draws my attention, a click through to the VW site for more info! It's lighter, safer, more economical, and best of all; my obsession with brand image isn't going to be completely stripped once the Rangie goes (so I keep reminding myself).

Rangie and I head on in to closest VW dealer, with salesman looking somewhat confused on “why would you trade RR for new Golf?” Long story short – deal done! Dealer principle buys my car and in return I will be taking home a brand spanking new Golf 7 – 103TSI Highline. With some cool extras, including the driving assistance package which still amazes/amuses me when parking. Externally the chrome highlights give that extra touch of class.

Off we go!

South Yarra VW - June 2013, remove the huge red bow off the bonnet of Gary, yep had to give him a name, and we head out to the big world, the new car smell is intoxicating, the odometer turns over to 23, wow this is the new beginning, both wallet and I are excited!

A lovely honeymoon starts, all Gary's car settings are complete, the ease of use is astounding, be it the ACC (active cruise) to the self-locking doors (upon take off), this Golf is very user friendly.

Despite the weight saving of this new car, you can be assured the doors still have that solid VW ‘thunk' when closing.

December 2013, Christmas countdown begins, streets are filled with décor from City of Stonington, but Gary isn't feeling so jolly (sad face emoji).

His rear external door handle decides to let go, along with the DSG auto screaming a bizarre straining noise every take off, so in we go for a warranty fix, all completed very efficiently, and we're back on the road heading for Christmas!

Summer loves Gary, auto climate works a treat, and the dark tinted glass optioned keeps interior temperature at a beautiful 21 degrees.

Seasons have passed and Gary and I have now just celebrated our 2 year anniversary, he has been the most loyal, practical, sensible, car I have ever owned. Some say his a little boring, but I say he is the Labrador of the current hatchback offerings, trusted canine to the human race.

My conclusion, if you are looking for your best friend for under $30k, head into VW, make sure you do some preliminary homework on their site to understand the models and prices, always helps when negotiating!


Keith P