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2013 Toyota Rav4 Gx (2wd) Review

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Fuel economy- Great! Plenty of Room for 4 adults, not much power as expected with a 2ltr engine. Find the seats a bit hard and end up with a sore back after about an hour not many features. Wish I had bought a Kluger.

The new look ravs seem to have picked up there game a bit with the new colour screen entertainment unit. I do think the exterior looks a whole lot better then the previous models. the spare tyre being removed of the back tailgate looks alot better. interior i.e seats and trim look great but are not as comfortable as I was expecting. I think from going from a top of the range Falcon to a base model rav was a bit of a shock. I really hope to upgrade to a kluger soon as they seem to have a lot more comfort then the rav.

I would recommend ravs to small families but would encourage them to get the 2.5lt as the 2lt has not much up and go.. I do enjoy the rav4 cruiser in turbo diesel i think they are a lot better with power and a few more features. but again i think they are also over priced for what they are, the only reason I have a toyota now is because of the reliability they are known for and my whole family drives them, parents have a landcruiser gxl and hilux, brother has prado gxl , sister has hilux sr, and brother in law has a hilux SR