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2013 Toyota Corolla Levin Sx Review

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I do love my 2013 Corolla as it has sporty looks and reliable as what Toyota's are known for although the Corolla needs more power and torque could have atleast have a 2.0 litre motor in it and also a turbo diesel and turbo option as it is quite gutless on highway and for overtaking but uphills and around the city and town is quite zippy

the transmission is very smooth and quite and also very smooth and quite on the road which is a plus

The seats are very comfortable and fairly roomy for a car this size although boot space is a little on the small side but I rarely use the boot so it doesn't bother me what size it really is

Fuel consumption is pretty good all round should get atleast 600-700klm on a tank full of petrol

Has quite some good features I like how it shows you the map of the world and it tells you where it's dark and daylight and also the paddle shifters in auto model only is fun to use

The Corolla has always been a great car with excellent resale value, sales says it all and is one of the best 2nd hand cars around I do recommend the Corolla very reliable, good quality (as most Japanese cars are) however if you want power in a car this size this isn't the car for you but if you want a safe, reliable, good on fuel and great resale value on a car then the Corolla should be high on your list