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2013 Suzuki Alto GLX review

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Well, I purchased this Suzuki Alto GLX as a demo with only 14km on the speedometer in April 2014 for $10,700 driveway. I believe the RRP was $12,490.

Over 72,000km from new this car has been frugal on fuel, averaging 4.9 litres per 100 kilometres on regional country drives and 5.8L/100km in city usage. The engine is the best part of this car; that 1.0-litre 3-cylinder engine is a sweet motor, although the idle shake can be a little annoying at times.

It comfortably cruises around for daily duties and just gets on with the job. It has adequate air conditioning that has a good volume airflow, and the heating is very hot. The standard stereo system is average but can connect aux to play music and Spotify.

Gearbox is light and the clutch is easily managed without too much pressure or effort. Space is tight but the rear seats can be folded to accommodate larger items or boxes. The rear parcel shelf doesn't attach to the rear hatch so when you open up the parcel shelf is basically in the way, which is very annoying. I personally removed mine to avoid annoyance.

Seating is adequate but can be a little uncomfortable after a long drive. Taking breaks helps greatly with that. Overall the ownership of this little car has been great and although it's in the light car class, it's better than some would think.

I have driven this car long distance and it can comfortably sit on 110km/h for hours on end.

Insurance is low for this type of car and running costs are affordable for budget conscious buyers.

Would I purchase another Alto if I had too?

Big yes. Absolutely.

I do think that cars from back then should've had electric mirrors standard, which this car definitely doesn't have, but it is only a small lean across to change settings. Is it annoying? It sure is. The other strange thing is the power front windows in front and the manual wind down windows in the rear.

The other thing is that the driver's power window switch only can operate the driver's side, so again if you want to adjust the front passenger power window you will need to lean over again.

Overall this car would be a great second vehicle for someone on a budget.

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